'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Friday 28 September 2012

I feel very neglectful...

but it has been a full week! Looking after Babybel and the VHC takes up two full days, and recovering from looking after them takes almost as long. Our Art Appreciation classes have restarted, which curtails Tuesday trips unless they are short ones, and the usual boring stuff filled up most of the rest of the time. 

I have done a little stitch related work, although it has, so far, only involved cutting, sticking and painting.

In my continuing quest to find out how to keep a proper sketchbook (and in hope that some of her patience and ability to make beautiful work will rub off), I have started an on-line course with Karen Ruane - although Karen calls sketchbooks 'ledgers'.

The first exercise has been a colour matching one. We did one of these as part of our C&G course, but as with so much of C&G, there was no follow-up or development  of the process. Karen's approach is rather different, and I suspect we are going to do more with the results than we ever did in C&G.

This is my effort. 

I chose a Giorgio Morandi still life, because I'm fascinated by his use of colour. Selecting a picture to use made me realise straight away that there is much more varied use of colour in his painting than I had thought, although they are all muted and chalky. 

The first column is watercolour, the second coloured pencils, which was much harder because of the subtleties of his creams and tans.  (I love those little touches of green and mauve.)

There is a third stage which I haven't got round to yet - hopefully on Sunday. I can't wait to see where Karen will take this.

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