'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Monday 22 April 2013

A Day Off.

We had two three small visitors for the weekend. Babybel and the VHC's mummy was running in the marathon, and their daddy was providing moral and logistical support, so the small Cheeses and their dog  came for a sleepover. Fortunatly we had a lovley spring day on Saturday, so we could get out in the garden: we played a little football,  Babybel practised her running so she can be like mummy, and the VHC did a lot of 'doodling' in one of his granny's notebooks. 

On Sunday Uncle Cheese and his senorita came over and we went to Mottisfont (it is one of Babybel's favourite places thanks to fish to feed and  this). 

While we were having fun, B & VHC's mummy was working hard and completing the marathon in just over 4 hours, while raising £200+ for breast cancer research. We are all very proud of her! 

So what has this to do with a day off? Well, mummy took a well deserved one today, so we got one too, although  we hadn't been working quite as hard. We haven't had a Monday meander for quite some time, so we meandered off to Walford Mill, for a cream tea and a browse round the current exhibition. Both were good.

The exhibition theme of mapping is one I've played with a couple of times, so it was interesting to see other people's ideas.

There were several pieces by Wendy Dolan, whose map-related work we saw at Ramster a few years ago. Unfortunately I can't find any of the map pieces on her website.  I love her use of colour - scraps of maps set against a patchwork of neutral fabrics - and was pleased to be able to buy a tiny sample, of Corfe Castle, on a card.

I also liked the pieces by Amanda Wallwork, which looked at first glance like ceramics, but are, I think, painted wood, and Pauline Monkcom's real ceramic plates, with wonderful glazes.

Then we came home via Knowlton Church, which we saw on a TV programme recently and realised that we had driven past it frequently without knowing it was there.

It is a very atmospheric place, which provides beautiful views of Cranborne Chase, even on a grey day like today. The earthworks don't really show in this picture, but they are very evident when you are there, as are several yew trees. We'll be back when the weather is a bit warmer!

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