'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Monday 1 April 2013

Easter holidays?

I thought we were going to have a quiet time over Easter. (I seem to remember always thinking we would have a quiet time over Easter when I was working. It didn't happen then either.)

To wake us out of our post Easter lethargy (not a scrap of choccolate egg has passed my lips, honest) I have an exhibition to help hang tomorrow, at Hanger Farm. Then we will be welcoming Señor and Señora  Queso, the parents of Cheese Major's señorita, for the evening. (And Cheese Major and Señorita Queso, obviously.)

Then more visitors! I've had to clear all my degree stuff out of the spare bedroom (about time). Thanks to the vagaries of Network Rail engineering works, it makes more sense for Babybel and the VHC's mum and dad to commute from our house this week than theirs, so we have them, the little ones and the dog for a couple of nights. We will, of course, have the pleasure of taking the little ones off for an adventure :<) while their mum and dad go to work :<(. 

Things should get a little quieter the following week when the Cheese Minor family is off on holiday, before it's back to the old routine the following week. 

In the midst of all the spring cleaning (spring? What's that?) this has engendered, I've found time to do a little embroidery. 

Another app print.

And a strange experiment, in which I looked for interesting shapes in a bit of hand dyed silk someone gave me, to use in a design - and somehow it turned into a flower...

I would have said I never embroidered flowers - but then I began to think about it, and there was a metal thread branch with flowers on it and a raised work bag for City & Guilds, and some motifs I took from historic textiles for a Karen Ruane course, and the transfers I used when I was feeling totally non-original last year... 

I have four bits of this silk, and the next bit has said 'tulips' to me.

This strange flower reminds me of these, which I bought last week. Mmm - daffodils and tulips? Am I suffering from Spring deprivation?

I know I had to go out in the garden to photograph what few flowers we have out there. (Isn't the sky an odd colour? I thought skies were meant to be grey.)

And while I was there I looked at a few old friends, some of whom are aging better than others.

Story of my life, really.

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