'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Thursday 27 March 2008

After nearly 40 years

in education. I can't get over the feeling that, as it's Easter, I must be on holiday. This is despite the fact that:

a] I'm retired, and
b] college doesn't finish until next week.

But - as I feel that I'm on holiday - I've been doing something different - making books! The difference is that these are not books to put something C&G related in - they are just [mostly] blank books, made for fun, and to try out different techniques.

So from left to right - the orange one is a Moleskine sized notebook [not that I have ever seen a Moleskine but I've read about them The cover was an experiment with Brusho on card - it is too thin for this purpose. so the elastic is wrinkling it a bit. The next one will be better.

The long pink one is described in the instructions as a Jacob's ladder book. I think, as it is pink, it may have some pictures put in it of my favourite wearer of pink. It was made from scrap card and some hand-made paper from a bumper pack I got from 'The Works'.

The blue one is [I kid you not] a book of envelopes. After I made the birthday presents that cannot yet be revealed I was left with some hand made paper envelopes. [I love hand made paper.] I found some instructions on the web for making them into a book - so I did. The cover paper was inexpertly marbled on shaving foam. [How men can use stuff that smells like that every day I don't know.]

The idea was that I would keep postcards that I have collected in there but it is unfortunately a tiny bit too small - so I will need to think of another use. I am pleased with the look of this book but the structure leaves a little to be desired, due to not following the instructions properly.

The fat pink one is a bit of a cheat as it is just a cover for a naff photo album. The cover is made from a piece of shibori dyed fabric I received in a swap. Unfortunately I cannot remember who dyed it, to give her credit.

I am using this book, not for photos, but for samples of painted papers, together with notes of how I made them - so it is a bit C&G related!

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