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Dorothy Rowe

Monday 17 March 2008

This young lady

came to wish her granny ‘happy birthday’ this weekend - you will understand why I didn’t post. Too much cuddling going on. Grandad did get a go too - and proved very good at singing her to sleep [unlike granny he can sing in tune].

She brought her puppy with her [as well as bear and heffalump] which is why quality control decided to inspect the top of the cupboards. [Quality control did come down again and came to an amicable agreement with Puppy whereby she ate his food and he ate hers.]

It’s been a bit flat since Charlotte took mummy, daddy and Puppy home again so, as promised, I have taken some photos of the book of the gold work cushions.

This is the cover - fabric remnants from the cushions and a spare button from the back - my tutor was insistent that the cushion backs should be decorative as well as the fronts. I gather this is a common C&G thing.

The title page. You have to have a 'client' for C&G coursework pieces: the tutor tells us to make one up - so I did. Emilie Floge is the woman in the portrait - a 'close friend' of Mr Klimt's. Her dress inspired the design.

This is an early sketch of the idea, to prove that I can't draw. The page decoration is done with string stamps.

This shows the last part of my action plan [with time and cost estimates] and another design experiment on the right. By this time i was using eraser and string stamps for designing - one of the stamps is on the left hand page.

Another paper design - trying different colour ideas.

Fabric experiments on a sheer, showing my dodgy machine embroidery.

Another experiment, trying out different fabrics and stitches for the flower shapes.

More fabric experiments, closer to the final piece. The stems and spiral leaves are made with stretchy gold 'string' from Hobbycraft, intended, I think, for tying parcels. All is not gold that glisters.


Julie said...

What a beautiful granddaughter! I'm very jealous:) Hasn't she changed in a few months? She's lovely, you must be very very proud!
Thank you for sharing your gold work. I love the string stamps. Must give it a try.

quirkyartist said...

What an interesting idea with the string stamps. I'd never heard of that before. I particularly love the one at the very bottom.