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Dorothy Rowe

Tuesday 13 May 2008

Does silence indicate procrastination?

Well – in this case – yes. I confess, I have been stalling on getting on with the beech/birch wood. I could rationalise it by saying that I was waiting for this lot to dry. I also put some dimensional paint on the tree trunks [and then rather wished I hadn’t] – so I had to wait for that to dry too.

So what do I do when I am procrastinating? I make books. I think I have mentioned Esther K Smith’s ‘How to Make Books’ before. In it she shows how to make a book out of a cake mix box. Seriously. [I have also seen books in blogs made from Ritz cracker boxes.]

Biscuits and cakes rarely enter the doors of Cheese Acres – but when I was going through my stash of paper I found two other possible covers.

The red one came home with Cheese Major from one of his trips to China – it is, I think, the wrapper of a cigarette packet. The brown one was a present from Mr and Mrs Cheese Minor when they returned from living in Singapore. It contained ‘Pocky’ - lovely [Japanese?] chocolaty things for dunking in your coffee.

The boxes are not very strong so I lined them with fabric [the Chinese one] and hand made paper [the Singaporean/Japanese one]. The latter has a straightforward straight stitch binding but the red one is a bit more elaborate.

But - when I got up this morning I was motivated to get started on the 3D piece – hurrah! Not that i seem to have got very far ...

First I found my Angelina and made a few patches see if I liked the effect. Unfortunately none of the colours I have were really right so I will have to see if I can find something more suitable - perhps a trip to the craft shop is necessary?

Next I auditioned all the threads I had that might do – these are the candidates:

and this is the long list – sampling will decide on the final choices.

Then I collected all the stuff I needed to start to turn the pile of fabrics into leaves and leaf litter. Having ‘reorganised’ my workroom recently I couldn’t remember where half of it was …

Here it is all collected together.

The synthetic fabrics were heatgunned / cut up with my soldering iron. The silk was cut up and candled to seal the edges.

I tried what I’d done on the background. This is why I wanted to hang on to A’s frame. The green is OK but that orange is far too bright!

Tomorrow - some embroidery?

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