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Thursday 28 August 2008

Tuesday trip - 2 days late

Unfortunately I can't think of a travel related term beginning with ‘th’…

Today we kept a long standing promise to ourselves and went back to ‘Art in the Garden’ at the Hillier Gardens. [I can recommend the carrot cake in the cafe.]

We still haven’t seen all of it – and part way through my camera decided that the memory card was full, so I didn’t manage to photograph everything.

Here are some examples - you may spot a theme developing...

This one is for the co-grandparents [hereinafter known as Mr and Mrs Cheddar], proud owners of Ronaldo the Wonderdog. [I think I may have spelled that wrong, and it should probably be Ronalda anyway, but I am sure someone will correct me if necessary.]

And this is for Ronaldo. They - and another sheep, a pig, a goat a goose and a cat - were all made of chicken wire by Mandy Flynn.

These are by Darren Greenhow. The lizard is made from bicycle chains, and his others all incorporated recycled engineering bits. Including the fish on a [real] bicycle which we came across after the camera packed up.

Not sure who made the rooster but I think the colours on his head are wonderful.

I find a lot of animal sculptures twee but I liked these.

While we are on the subject of art – our paper on Saturday published a two page spread of a self portrait by Tom Deininger, which led me to Google him.


There is some ‘adult content’, if that is a concern for you.

If you look at the thumbnails it may seem fairly conventional – but look closer … There are ideas for embroiderers there, I think – for example the seascapes made of denim, but also the supermodels, some which look as if they were beaded.

It reminds me of the work of John Dahlsen:


some also made from junk, and also quite inspirational for embroiderers, I think. My wall hanging for part one of C&G was inspired by a Dahlsen piece but it drifted …

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Leah & Robin Darbyshire said...

We'll have to visit the Hillier Gardens one day when we're down. They look v.interesting and R and I love our gardens. Though, the long-eared red-haired one would have to sit in the car...