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Dorothy Rowe

Monday 25 August 2008

What I did in the holidays

Today is a public holiday in the UK. Guess what the weather is like? Yep - cold and grey. However the weather cannot get me down - up until 2 years ago the August Bank holiday preceded the return to work - not any more!

Following long established tradition here at Cheese Acres – we stayed at home. Wensleydale did DIY – and I played with my white book. I am now officially whited out – if only because the book is full.

So here are
some edited highlights.

The cover – the tag was part of the packaging of one of Cheese Minor’s birthday presents. Hope he doesn’t want it back. [Babybel and her granny both find the packaging as interesting as the contents.]

The other side of the tag.

The last few pieces – some inspired by Jackie’s wonderful work.


No prizes for spotting that the button wasn't sewn down when I took the photo - it is now!

There is also the obligatory C&G wrapped pipe cleaner, and, as promised, oversize crossed corners stitch, worked in torn silk habotai and the plastic wrapping from a catalogue. I had said I would try plastic but I was too lazy to get up to look for a bag so I reached into the waste bin [kept at my elbow for easy discarding] and took the first plasticky thing that came to hand. [Yes, ‘Yuck’].

I cut it into half inch strips and provided I avoided the joins it stitched quite well. I also discovered that if gently stretched it became a thin, slightly lumpy and quite strong thread – which I used in the tiny sample, which is silk paper over canvas, inspired by a piece in Jill Carter’s book ‘New Canvaswork’. If I repeat the exercise I will use a larger gauge canvas as I struggled to get the stitches in the right place through the silk paper.

Some completed pages - these are the little bits of paper left over when you tear pages out of a sketchbook. Of course then you have to be sad enough to unwind them from the coil binding ...

I haven't forgotten about the pots - hand made stamp and ribbon stitch.

On her journals course Sharon Boggon suggested making paper cuts - here's what happens if you make them from an illustration in the newspaper. I can see this inspiring black work.

More newspaper - cut into narrow strips. More blackwork?

I have also been trying to teach myself Paintshop Pro. I have an elderly version uploaded at some time by one son or another – not sure which one. I bought a book – but it was written in computer speak. [So few IT books are written for Luddites with no previous knowledge.] Then some time ago I bought Maggie and Clive Grey’s CD version of their book on my elderly version – but did nothing with it apart from print it out. [Yes – I’m a scaredy cat – I don’t mind admitting it!]

I had bought and played with a couple of cheapo programs that had less scary names – but with Mggie and Clive's help I have decided it is time I got to grips with the grown ups’ version. And I have had fun. I won’t say I’m an expert – I’m sure I’m only scratching the surface of its potential – and it does things I don’t want it to and I don’t know what to do about it – but I have done one or two things I like. And if I can find where the **** program has put them I’ll show them to you …

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Jackie said...

Lovely work. (I'm honoured to get a mention.)