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Dorothy Rowe

Thursday 6 May 2010

I’m in danger …

of being converted – to Lutradur and pelmet Vilene that is. We had another workshop with Kim Thittichai at college yesterday – and I enjoyed it much more than the first.

We coloured the Lutradur and Vilene with thIMG_0776ese and these and then a smoosh of these, diluted a bit – which, on the Lutradur, all diffused into each other to look like this. [The tramlines are the result of drying the pieces on the radiator.]

The effect on the Vilene was less subtle, as you can see in the vessel on the left below.


We cut the Vilene and Lutradur up with soldering irons to make 3D pieces – not necessarily vessels, but how could I resist?

I think I'm coming round to these materials because this way of colouring them is more subtle – I used a lot of Crafty Notions Black Tulip and Brusho Shimmer Charcoal to cut back the brighter colours on these. I also like using them for what they are, rather than covering them with fabric or whatever to disguise them.

All this is in preparation for making a 3d piece – when we’ve barely begun the 2D one …


Jackie said...

Those ar every subtle and ethereal.

Anonymous said...

Your work is always so interesting. I often tell my friends about it. They don't actually understand what C & G is. I once did Italian Conversation at C & G in London.