'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Friday 30 April 2010

Fed up of the election yet?

Thanks to Margaret Cooter for the link to this lot. which may cheer you up a bit.

Apart from that bit of disillusioned cynicism – to paraphrase Margaret – it’s been a disappointing week. College was OK – I got qualified approval to go ahead with what I’m doing - ‘as long as I justify it and don’t just go for the obvious approach’ - [thinking – that’s difficult!] - but I am still waiting for the bits of textiles from Babybel and Co. Nagging has taken place, I admit it – which has been followed by a deafening silence.

They’ll probably never speak to me again now I have published this on the world wide web.

A digression

Why have people taken to referring to ‘the internets’ in the plural – does anyone know? Have I missed some stunning technological development or is it just an affectation?

Back to the plot

The second disappointment was an outing to an embroidery exhibition yesterday – not going to say which one, but it is a group whose work I've seen before and found quite inspiring. Not this time.

About half of the exhibitors had chosen to  show groups of very similar pieces – same shape, same size, same colours, same subject, same technique, same price – anything up to a dozen or more, rarely more than A4 in size. One larger piece would have looked great – lots of small ones meant that individual pieces got lost. Although each exhibitor had her own style and technique, the result was still very samey.

So I went and spent money in Hobbycraft instead. And had chocolate cake and coffee in Haskins.

Today I decided I wanted to make a bag. Of course, I have lots of bags – but there was an interesting looking pattern in a magazine I bought recently – again I’m not going to say which one – so I thought I’d try it. I spotted fairly quickly that the measurements given for the straps were wrong – a shoulder bag with straps 40cm long? – but I think some of the other measurements must have been wrong too, because the bag ended up long and narrow – even after I’d added a sort of yoke to the top to make it a bit deeper. It would make a great knitting bag if I hadn’t put long straps on it!

So that was a wasted day. Wensleydale said I  was developing my skills, but I’m not sure what skills I’ve developed apart from swearing, sulking, and trying to turn a sow’s ear into something closer to a silk purse [but not much closer…]

And of course, because it is a Bank Holiday weekend, the weather has turned cold and drab. Not that we go out on Bank Holiday weekends, but it would have been nice to sit in the garden and listen to the planes.

So a bit of disillusioned cynicism was exactly what I needed …

P.S. The BBC’s weather website says ‘chance of snow’ on Monday. They cannot be serious!


Jackie said...

Oh! Cheer up. You always make me cheer up when I read your posts. I know what you mean about disappointing exhibitions. it takes a lot to spark my interest these days.

Kitty said...

"the internets" is also in my list of words that annoy the heck out of me along with the word "sewist" and you know my feelings on that (and who I blame). The weekend weather is all the fault of a colleague - whenever he goes camping, what was lovely warm sunny weather turns into rain clouds with maybe a storm thrown in for good measure. Have a good weekend whatever the weather!