'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Thursday 13 January 2011

Here today and gone …

by this evening, very possibly. Well, a lot of this will be.


I had a tutorial in college yesterday, and when asked the reason for the needle lace on this, I realised there wasn’t one.  At one stage  planned to make the rubber bands detachable from the base, so they needed holding together. Now I’ve decided to sew them to the backing, I don’t need any additional stitch - and, as was also pointed out, it hides the interesting background.

So tonight I will remove the needle lace and the shisha, and add some more layers of rubber bands, trying to make them look as if they are piled up in the drawer. Yes, I could just pile them up in the drawer, but I want something that won’t move around.IMG_4399

These, on the other hand, will be left loose. I just need a few more of them, so I made about 100 more little bags this afternoon [polyester sheer and a soldering iron] and found some more buttons – yes, I have a lot of buttons. So my alternative task tonight is sewing buttons into little bags.

I could have machined them, but I wanted a thicker line and the tassel-like ends which come from using embroidery floss. Anyway, I don’t think machining would have been much quicker, because of having to manoeuvre each tiny bag under the foot.

In case you hadn’t realised. they are inspired by those little bags of spare buttons which come with new clothes and which you keep in the back of a drawer, although you can never find the right one if you do lose a button.

Apart from a tutorial, the other college event was the presentation. I only made a minor cock-up with the technology, I kept to the time limit, and nice things were said by several of my fellow-students as well as the staff, so I am happy with that – and even happier that its now over!

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