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Dorothy Rowe

Friday 11 February 2011

Two in a week…

must be a record.

Sound installations, that is – although strictly speaking, this one is a sound and light installation.

A week later than originally planned, as plumbing and 3d artefact making were finished [and in the later case, handed in :>)], we decided it was time for an art day out in Salisbury.

We started at Salisbury Arts Centre, where we looked at the UK Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef. I’d seen it before – or a close relative – Wensleydale hadn’t. I think he was somewhat underwhelmed – and there was definitely too much acrylic for me.

After an enjoyable lunch in the Arts Centre’s excellent cafe, we made our way to the Cathedral, to see Bruce Munro's ‘Water Towers’. Looking at that link, I notice that it now says that it is best viewed after dark – which is what everyone we spoke to told us– and we are intending to go back one evening. However, we enjoyed looking at the way the lights changed in response to the music - more beautiful church music, although more recent that the Tallis we listened to on Saturday.

You may think Munro’s use of several hundred plastic bottles is odd – but for me, their shape references the wonderful columns in the cloister. He has another piece in the Cathedral, ‘Light Shower’, although I found that less moving.

After wandering round the Cathedral, admiring the font, the Whistler glass prism and the textiles, we indulged in a couple of scones and tea in the cafe, and a little retail therapy in the shop, including a leaflet on the aforementioned textiles.

This was  our first visit to Salisbury since Wensleydale’s knee problem/sciatica started, and the first time we have not parked on the outskirts, and walked in. Although there is good disabled parking provision, the complexities of Salisbury’s one way system encouraged us to use the park-and-ride next time!

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