'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Thursday 15 December 2011

So what do I do now?

The PMS’s and PCs were handed in yesterday, and then we had an interesting talk from Pauline Thomas – altered books, work about the passage of time – what’s not to like? She even inspired me to think about videoing some of my pieces – yes, me, the technophobe, who has never videoed anything in her life except by accident when she pressed the wrong button on her camera. Need to get a tripod though…

Then we had our usual college Christmas do and came home.

Since when Wensleydale has got fed up of me whining ‘I’ve got nothing to do. I'm bored.’ Not completely true, I had presents to wrap and cards to write [Christmas, 2 birthdays and a wedding anniversary – it’s an expensive time of year.]

Then I remembered that college may be over but POT goes on, so he had to be added to and photographed.


He’s getting to be quite a big boy, just over 2 metres/image 6 foot 6.

That reminded me to go out into the cold and photograph the others.

Remember ‘Plastic’?  Last week he looked like this.






Today he looked like this.  I’m not sure when he came down, but we’ve had some pretty stormy weather recently, and his strings had broken.



Good job I didn’t spot him earlier or I'd have been panicking about changing the photos I was handing in. [I suppose I could e-mail a copy? – no, that way madness lies.image]

Mmm – what to do? Leave him there or restore him? Time for what I have learned from Pauline Thomas is called an intervention.






This pathetic object, on the other hand, is staying just as it is.


though when it has completely disintegrated I may collect the tubes and see if I can do anything with them – I have vague thoughts of a piano hinge book of these photographs…

[Why are some of my pieces gendered [always male] aimagend some not?]

The other pieces are coming on well, too - ‘Country Gardener 1’ is disintegrating nicely -






image and interesting things are happening to ‘Storm Cones’.

And then I decided it was time for something completely different

imageand completely purposeless – a gold book.  [The cover – recycled wrapping paper - is a uniform colour, that’s my shadow!]

It was late by then, I was tired, I rushed it and it shows – but it was good to make something which has no connection with college at all! Perhaps some small bits of gold embroidery now to go in it?

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