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Dorothy Rowe

Friday 2 December 2011

Where did that week go?

In order of preference, family activities, paperwork and dentist’s visits, that’s where – in addition to the usual routine, of P1020258course.

I did finish two things – Wrap and L&F – well, sort of. I’m glad to see the back of L&F, it is completely uninspired and uninspiring.

Wrap is a bit more interesting, and all I need to do now is to work out where and how to hang it. I’ve decided I don’t want to put it outside, as originally planned – so when I’ve worked out how to support it, I’ll have to find a space big enough, at least for long enough for it to be photographed.


I decided that I will present most of my cloths as photographs – which means having decent photographs to present. And although I've been snapping the things weekly for up to two months – the weather has been so drab that most of the photos are a bit dull – and POT has grown so long it is difficult to photograph it full length any more.

Cue a bit of lateral thinking – and the way this collage ended up is down to Picasa, not design…imageI’ve spent some time pondering on the legitimacy of manipulating the photos, before deciding that, as I could argue that the photos are the cloths as well as the cloths, if you see what I mean, [bit of land art thinking there] it was acceptable to do so. [Bet you’re surprised!]


Hence the desaturated background on this photo of ‘Cellophane’ – which took a good part of the afternoon to do.

I am resisting the temptation to play around with the photos of all 11 cloths. ‘No, Cheshire, you haven’t got time!’

Of course I now have the problem of how to present the photographs. [Did I mention that presentation is one of the marking criteria?] I am trying to resist the feeling that I need to make a book.

Then there is the contextualisation, making sure the diary, planning sheets, and workbook are up to date, putting something vaguely relevant in the sketchbooks, and writing an evaluation – you can see why I decided to start a fortnight before it’s all due in.

In between all this, I fitted in  some gallery visits – the exhausting college trip to the Courtauld Gallery [my new favourite gallery – Manet! Monet! Van Gogh! Gauguin!Cezanne! Matisse!– the Degas’s were presumably on loan to the RA]. Less tiring was a visit to the Hepworth inspired exhibition at the Discovery Centre – mostly less famous names, but some lovely work none the less.

I’m looking forward to a rest at Christmas.

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Sandy said...

I love the presentation ideas. Do you have two marks that deal with presentation like my students do?
We have presentation style relevant to unit and standard of presentation.

Here is an idea. (as you might have noticed, I am good at ideas for other people's work!) and today my imagination is switched on because I was minding our exhibition in Gallery@49.

What if you took a box...maybe in conjunction with the paper theme a cast off box that printer paper comes in? (If you don't get your paper that way, I bet the college does and you could ask if there are any in/near the recycle bin in the staff room. At least at ours, the boxes are left intact incase someone needs to reuse it.)

anyway, take a box or a few boxes and mount the arrangements like the question mark and the circle inside like a diorama. Depending on the box, you could hang and drape in more of a 3D way. you could use a collection of them and make a mini instillation.

For the little curled one...a bit like the little homes to attract bees or whatever. We did something like that in college for our design. I used some of my backup papers rolled up like that in fold-your-own type boxes made of painted papers. Then I mounted them on to card with other painted papers, but they could as easily be mounted onto the sides of a box. of course your 'painted papers' could be previously collected envelopes.

okay...switch off now.