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Dorothy Rowe

Saturday 21 January 2012


image and here’s the proof. A box [made from a recycled mailer, naturally] containing various sizes of tubes made from almost every type of paper I could think of, labelled with important details. ] It’s a workbook, as I'm sure you realise, for Module 15, ‘Fabric/Stitch Trials’.

[Bother, I forgot atlas pages – and book pages. Doyleys? Or is that a bit naff? Doyleys over brown paper might be interesting.]

It was a useful exercise – as well as my old favourites, newspaper and brown paper,  I'm excited by the possibilities of single layer corrugated card, and some black paper I bought to make book pages  until I decided it was too shiny. I am also semi-excited by wallpaper but it is a b****r to roll and an even bigger b****r to glue – although I confess I wasn’t using wallpaper paste, only some sort of gel stuff I bought in my continuing and so far unsuccessful search for a half-decent glue. [I have a hate-hate relationship with glue – which I may have mentioned before…]

But then, does it matter if they aren't stuck down properly? Would sticky out flappy bits be interesting, especially if I'm not tying them together but making free standing pieces?

And looking at the box gives me an idea for a piece – a box full of tubes? the bad photo i took of it before upping the exposure and using the flash had a gentle golden glow, which might be quite nice.

Tomorrow I intend to pay around with some plastic and possibly some fabric – although I think I’ve got enough ideas just from the paper, you never know, After that, I’ll look at ways to colour/distress the tubes, or add lumps and bumps. I have several ideas, and I know once I get going others will appear. Trouble is I've only got 6 months…

So apart from the continuing cold, which has turned into an ear infection which is affecting my balance – things are going well.

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Sandy said...

could you use fusible web instead of glue?