'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Friday 3 August 2012

A beginning, an end and a sort-of-middle.

In noreverbs particular order - the quilt for the VHC is finished. You can just about see the scrappy binding in this photo taken in the hall, the only place where there is enough space to spread it out. Unfortunately I can't find my patented hanging device (i.e. three skirt hangers - perhaps they're holding skirts?) so the floor had to do. Now I need something to wrap it in, a present that is of more interest to a one year old, and a card, and we're done

These are the beginning - an experiment using a variation on coiling. The core is 9 strands of Paterna tapestry wool, the binding is Anchor/DMC. The result probably isn't rigid enough for functional baskets, but tomorrow I am going to stick the one with the ends left showing in a hot wash, to see what a bit of felting can do, and stick another one under the embellishing machine. And I'm thinking about trying knitting ribbon stuffed with yarn to see if it works better.




The sort-of-middle is, of course, the continuing story of too many apps. This one is Filter Mania, and it goes against my previous suggestion that you get what you pay for, because it's free and it's really quite good. You upload your picture, you choose from one of the basic filters, or download one of what seems like hundreds more, you add more filters if you feel like it, and you can end up with something quite interesting. Or not.

I've posted before about my difficulty in doing anything I really liked with this image - but I like this.




You can't adjust any of the filters, and some of them are quite eccentric.











You are stuck with a square format, designed for Instagram. (Am I alone in not really understanding Instagram?) But I can live with it because it's such fun!


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