'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Friday 24 August 2012

Another experiment.

As promised, the green Sheila Hicks-inspired binding has been coiled into a bowl. I am ambivalent about it - I love the combination of colours (the contrast between the wool and the perlé cotton binding is not as pronounces as it looks in the photos), but I don't like the floppy, about-to-fall-apart feel. Previous experience suggests that embellishing it might firm it up, but I think that may destroy the variegated colours.

The underlying problem is that the cord itself is too soft. It is firmer where it is bound, but if I bound it completely I'd hide the variegation - and I might as well use washing line, as I did for the first one, which is still my favourite.

I think I prefer that technique to this one, but before I make up my mind completely, I'm going to try another experiment. 

I thought I'd get stuffing. 

You might think from this image that I have completely lost any taste I ever had - but this is, after all, an experiment. (If you like orange, yellow, blue and magenta together, I apologise to you. I don't.)

Heaven knows where I got the knitted ribbon from, but last night its time came. I spent an hour stuffing it with some orange threads I also didn't see myself using anywhere else - I know it was an hour because I was watching the Vuelta at the time, although the stuffing stopped when it got exciting.

The other ingredients include a spice jar top for the centre, inspired by Lois Walpole, orange perlé, and some beads - although I will admit I'm not sure about the beads...

Watch this space.

Tonight's app is Haiku - another Jixipix app, so you know it'll be good - and different. There are lots of options which can be adjusted in various ways, and a magic 'randomise' button.

I love both of these versions of the landscape

It wasn't so successful with the portrait and flower, but still interesting.

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Anne B said...

The Haiku effect is so delicate. Very interesting experiments!