'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Wednesday 29 August 2012

Another Tuesday Trip

Two in the space of a week - quite like the old days.

This time we went down to Salisbury to an exhibition in the Salisbury Museum. We arrived at lunchtime and were delighted to find that the excellent cafe there now has tables in the garden, and that luckily there was a table free. So we ate our plough person's lunches with this view to look at.

The exhibition was as good as the lunch. I was expecting a collection of landscapes - and there were quite a lot - but the 'circles and tangents' in the exhibition title refers not to landscape features, but to the interconnections between many of the artists in the exhibition - X was married to Y and lived next door to Q who was frequently visited by P whose child F is working as a painter and living on the edge of Cranborne Chase. You get the picture - well, rather a lot of pictures, and quite a lot of sculpture as well. 

My favourites included this one, which is officially 'Seated Man II', but to me it looks like Freud (Sigmund, not Lucien - he was inside. - or rather 3 small drawings by him were).

But I digress - the sculpture is by Elizabeth Frink, but much as I like it, I liked her two smaller pieces inside even more. A gorilla and a horse and rider - and looking at them I realised how brilliant Frink was at catching facial expressions.

Some other favourite pieces were by John Hitchens, whose carved wood 'blades'  contrasted so strongly with his ethereal paintings.

But I'm glad we went yesterday rather than today, sunshine rather than rain - we have finally capitulated, and turned the heating back on.

Today's app is 'Halftone' which does rather what you might expect from the name. You can add text...

and speech bubbles, coffees stains and several other things, if you are so inclined.
Or you can go completely over the top with high saturation and big dots. 
 OK, it's another one-trick pony, but I like the level of abstraction in this final image,

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