'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Sunday 27 January 2013

Snow and arrows.

I managed two lots of snow dyeing before the snow was washed away by torrential rain. This is the result, but they are darker than this in real life. I'm trying to work up the enthusiasm to untangle those threads - a net bag made no difference to the tangling.

Fortunately I managed to get the last batch rinsed before the washing machine packed up. Washing machine pox seems to spreading round our extended family: ours is the third machine to go on the blink, out of 4. Cheese Major, yours is next...

I have also finished page 3 - or possibly page 4 - of 'Moving On'. This is version 2, which has been declared finished and then recommenced twice. It is now definitely finished.


I am beginning to panic about getting this done for the NEC exhibition. I want to make 8 pages, and put them in a concertina book, although I have not yet decided how to put the book together. Realistically it needs to be done, or nearly done, by the end of February. Which is only a month away.

I have to keep counting: I've finished 4, I'm working on page 5, I've designed page 6, and have ideas for pages 7&8, so I'm telling myself it's doable.

We have another exhibition lined up for April in the Hanger Farm Gallery in Totton, but that's a selling exhibition, and I have nothing to sell! Several people have suggested I try photos, which seems the best solution, but I will need to select them, get them printed properly, find some frames, think about prices...

My head hurts.

It makes me look forward to a nice quiet day with Babybel and the VHC (thankfully recovered from chicken pox) tomorrow. Compared to thinking about exhibitions, getting up at silly o'clock, driving north, feeding, and washing two small children, delivering them to their various destinations, and driving south again is a doddle. And their mum and dad have a working washing machine, so I can get some washing done too! Such excitement.

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jackie said...

Thanks for the suggestions for apps. I will be taking a look at these.
The snow dyeing looks fun. I remember some paintings at the Hackwood Festival which were done using snow to spread the pigments.