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Dorothy Rowe

Friday 22 March 2013

Birmingham or Bust!

On a day when you have to go somewhere, the last thing you want to read is a forecast of snow. Had we planned on going to the NEC show just for fun, we would probably have stayed at home, but as I'm stewarding early tomorrow, we decided we had to go for it.

I suggested quilts, hot drinks and a shovel. Wensleydale said OK to the flask, but then he would have made one anyway, and I got the quilts. He's lived in North Yorkshire where snow is snow, none of this namby pamby southern stuff. (He didn't actually say this, you realise, but he did gently imply I was over-reacting.)

So we set off. According to the Met Office, there was a yellow snow warning for 'north of the M4 corridor'. That's not a warning of yellow snow, you realise, it means 'be aware'. 

Here is the M4 corridor. The weather is doing what it was doing south of the M4 corridor...

i.e. raining.

We stopped at Cherwell Valley Services and I posted on FB that it was raining. At which point it turned to sleet.

Do you know how difficult it is to photograph sleet?

Just before the Warwick junction we got one of these. After which it improved a bit.

But not for long.

As the VHC would say 'uh-oh'.

I've never seen the M42 as slow moving as this. Locals may tell me I've been lucky.

A very welcome sight...

but not as welcome as this.

And now I'm off to have a very unhealthy meal and a couple of glasses of something white.

The forecast is for heavy snow, so it may be a little quiet at the show tomorrow.

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Julie said...

Glad you got there safely. I have bailed out of coming tomorrow. Combination of ill health and yellow warnings! Hope you enjoy the Show.