'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Thursday 11 December 2008

I haven't picked up a needle in days

-apart from the knitting variety [ another baby-soon-to-be-toddler cardigan]. I have lots of ideas for embroidery but somehow can't get started.

I have had a good throw out, mostly of stuff I printed from the net and now cannot imagine why. This was inspired by Wensleydale who has celebrated the end of his stint as chair of governors by making the shredder earn its keep. Pity it's too cold to make paper out of the shredded paper [something I do outside].

I have also been doodling in the altered book. Despite colouring the pages with black and grey Brusho, it has ended up very blue - and these mournful looking women keep appearing in the pages.

Or trees. I used the lovely Inktense pencils Wensleydale gave me for my birthday to bring out the lines - dipped in water, they work well on the textured surface of the pages.

As my mind has been running on goddesses - because of the book I'm reading - I added a few goddesses for them to pray to.

This is Venus [by Titian, I think, I've lost the little note I made].
According to Clare Gibson's book, one of Venus' symbols is the rose - so I added a rose. I decided after I'd stencilled it that it was too bright so covered it with a smear of gold ink pad. Then it seemed to disappear completely so I drew round it in gold pen [love those metallic pens]. It's still not right, so I shall have to think about what to do with it next.

Although Mary isn't a goddess, according to Gibson she acquired many characteristics of goddesses, so she is in there. This is based on a carving by Eric Gill.

At the other extreme - here is Kali.

And this must be Bastet, the Egyptian moon goddess. It is one of my favourite stencils. Pity Quality Control never looks this elegant!

I'm quite enjoying pottering around in the book, just trying out ideas - and if it doesn't work I can always paint over it ...

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Jackie said...

How nice to 'potter'. I am looking forward to a week of housework!