'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Tuesday 16 December 2008

You win some, you lose some

but a few days ago I felt that the balance was definitely on the wrong side.

It was all to do with these - over which I had been procrastinating for some time. I wanted to machine embroider the last one, but I have been feeling very unconfident about my free motion embroidery recently and that was discouraging me. In the end I decided not to FME it but to use set stitches. It [top right] is OK, but doesn't have the texture of the others - and of course, I couldn't do French knots by machine. I tried machine eyelets instead, which had a nicely wispy outline, but are flat, of course. I added beads by hand - I know you can do it by machine but I bottled out.

So finishing the embroidery on the not-landscapes was definitely on the winning side of the equation. [Win #1.] I had bought some stretched canvases to mount them on - but the canvases were slightly too big and I had to staple the backing fabric to the sides, not the back. [Loss #1] Then I looked in the stash for some black felt to cover the backs of the canvases. It was too small. [Loss #2.] Never mind, I've got a big piece of white felt. Except I can't find it. [Loss #3.]

In the search for the white felt I found some canvas type stuff that I think came from my father's upholstering days, and decided that would do. [Win #2.] Except that I cut the first two pieces too small. [Loss #4.] Fortunately there was enough left to recut the pieces. [Win #3.] I cut it, hemmed it, started to sew the first piece on - and realised that because I am planning on covering the sides with ribbon to hide the staples - I can staple the canvas on too. [Loss #5.] So now the not-landscapes are piled up waiting for me to raise the enthusiasm to wield the stapler.

However - things are definitely looking up. I have finished this, which restores the balance. This is the cover

and the inside pages.

It was inspired by planets but Wensleydale says it looks like alchemical symbols. It is minimal embroidery again - a few fly stitches, some beads and some machine embroidery to attach the panels to the pages. I was so pleased with it I cut out the pieces for another, slightly bigger book.

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