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Dorothy Rowe

Monday 29 December 2008

Mad memes

Just to be sure I was using the word correctly, I Googled 'define: meme' and came up with:

'meme - Richard Dawkins’s 1976 coinage, on the analogy to gene (with a little aid from mime and mimic), for a cultural copying unit, such as the word or melody that is mimicked by others.'

from here.
So here are two nicely silly cultural copying units from Carol's blog. [Carol got them from here.]

First - grab the nearest book to you - which in my case is Maggie Grey's 'Textile Translations'.
Turn to page 56 and copy the 5th sentence.

'Sponge with a teabag or diluted walnut ink and allow to dry.'
Says it all really!

The second meme is to post the sixth photo in the sixth folder in wherever you keep your pictures, and tell the story behind it. I must confess to a certain amount of editing here as the 6th folder from the top only has 4 photos in it and they weren't taken by me, so I don't feel able to post one.

So, from the 6th folder from the bottom - this is a kaleidoscope made here, in the summer when I was madly making kaleidoscopes out of everything in sight.

An interesting pair of memes. The results say a lot about me ...

Speaking of kaleidoscopes - I gave Wensleydale this for his birthday, which was just before Christmas. [For Christmas I gave him the complete works of Thomas Tallis and a pair of hand knit gloves, which says a lot about him, too...]

I have just worked out that if I stand the kaleidoscope on end and turn the camera flash off I can actually photograph the patterns, albeit a little blurrily.

Lots of embroidery inspiration here, I think.

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Jackie said...

I've just done the 6th photo thing and was going to do the book one but all I had near me was Squirrel Nutkin..which hasn't even got 56 pages of text!
How do I get out of that one? Do I go and stand near a different book..or the bookcase..?? I want to do it right!