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Dorothy Rowe

Wednesday 22 July 2009

And another book …

I am really on a book making bender at the moment. The excuse of making sketchbooks has long gone – I have to admit I’m just in the mood.

july '098 This one is based on the tutorial on Diane Aldred’s blog – very clear and very thorough.

I found some more of the black Asian paper for the cover – but unfortunately that really is the last of it. And I can’t get to the Knitting and Stitching show this year to stock up again – wonder if there will be any at Festival of Quilts?

I love this ribbon binding – it would be wonderful for a book about corsets. I used some of my Pollocked paper inside.


Today’s texture photo is another shot of the late lilac tree  - definitely manipulated fabric of some kind – perhaps clusters of gathered sheers? Held down by French knots, of course.


Jackie said...

So you might be using teabag paper for books? Its great shibori dyed as well.

Diane said...

What a lovely book! I love the paper you have used and I'm so glad you have enjoyed the tutorial and found it useful.

I hope your little one is fully recovered soon.