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Dorothy Rowe

Sunday 21 March 2010

Marking blues.

I got back the mark sheet for the first hand in – the print and stitch samples - on Friday – and was a bit disappointed with my 60%. I don’t think the mark was unfair – just that if I'd realised what was needed I could have done better. Not so much a moving of goalposts, more that I didn’t know where the goalposts were …

The gist of it overall was ‘could do better’ – better being more adventurous. So I had another go at the samples from last week’s class. IMG_0650They want sill – er - adventurous, they can have silly…

Top and bottom left were inspired by the collage of the drawing of the microscope view of the holey knitted dishcloth, bottom right  by the collage of the drawing of the microscope view of the tea towel and the one in the middle by the c of the d of the mv of the pan scrub. As the other samples were mostly hand embroidery [if you can call it embroidery], I tried to use the machine as much as possible on these. Apart from the knitted string one.

So the weaving is through a warp of slits cut in calico and edged in free motion zigzag, the non-knitted holey one also has FME’d slits, and the other one is the bits I pulled out of the fringe of the non-knitted holey one, machined down in loops with added mohair.

I like them all apart from the knitted one – but I can’t imagine ever using any of these ideas in a real piece!

God job I’m not a neatnik …


JP said...

first pieces are always difficult to judge what they want

Sandy said...

Sorry you weren't given enough guidance. Do you get a chance to resubmit, or is it sort of an unspoken plan so they can prove you have improved over time?
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