'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Thursday 4 March 2010

Nose to the grindstone,

shoulder to the wheel, slaving over a hot computer. Yesterday was group presentations day – which means today was spent writing a report on researching the topic and delivering the presentation. This is the penultimate deadline – due in next Wednesday – but I couldn’t start it until we’d delivered the presentation, which is why I've been working on the final deadline – until now.

Not an exciting way to spend an afternoon – apart from the thrill of battling with Office 2007, which seems to need at least two clicks – or ‘Help’ and several clicks – to do things you could do with one click in XP. And does any human being really need 40 alternative ways  to add a page number?

But – it is done – with nearly a week to spare - which may seem like overkill, but when we got a phone call on Monday afternoon asking us to look after a sick little girl, I didn’t have to worry about the preparation for the presentation which was finished, done and dusted.

The little patient is with her other grandparents now, and seems to be recovering nicely.

Tomorrow will be spent finishing off the portfolios for the final deadline – and we are promised that we might actually get round to doing some stitch soon.

In the interim I might make some more brooches …

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JP said...

clever you being ahead - now you can relax just a bit!