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Dorothy Rowe

Monday 15 March 2010

Missing in [rather more] action – again.

I didn’t disappear off the face of the earth – I’ve just had rather a busy time.IMG_0552

It was Contemporary Textiles workshop again on Friday, during the course of which I produced this. 

It was temporarily stapled to the board, which is why it is curling – and it looked much better when A. added her bit of skyline next to it so the bridge had somewhere to go.

The idea was that we each made a cityscape to mount next to each other in the corridor. [I’m sure the imminent visit from HM Inspectors had nothing to do with this desire to fill the walls with work…]

In case you don’t recognise the scene, it is taken from an old newspaper photo of  this – but from a different angle.


When I got home from college, I had to brace myself for the arrival of this young lady, here setting out to climb a tree






in pursuit of this rather older lady. She didn’t quite make it.




I don’t understaIMG_0556nd how the date for Mother's Day is decided upon, but it must be a moveable feast because sometimes it falls very close to my birthday – and sometimes it doesn’t. This year  was one of the former, so we had a gathering of the clans over the weekend with celebrations for the two events. I ended up with a collection of very well chosen prezzies – this lot, plus an enormous bunch of roses and some Hobbycraft vouchers.  And a carrot cake and some angel cakes made by Babybel and her mummy. What more could a granny ask for?

Thanks to all those of my readers who made such a great weekend possible …

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JP said...

well didn't you do well- lots of interesting reading there!