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Dorothy Rowe

Thursday 5 August 2010

55 to 61 in about 11 months.

Or how to cheat on your 100 drawings. [You can achieve quite a lot when your husband is [relatively] immobile and not up to going out.]

When I was tiimagedying up yesterday, I came across this, which resulted from a Contemporary Textiles workshop last September – it’s a scratched black and white photo of a bit of an ‘installation’ which looked  like a flower, with added Inktense pencil.

I’m not beyond a bit of creative recycling, so I decided  to include it in my 100 drawings. But as I had some cartridge paper with scraps of emulsion painted newspaper stuck to it to hand [as you do], I decided to try printing the flower on it.


Which led to this. I like the way the scraps of newspaper add to the shadowy background.








Next, you will not be surprised to learn, I introduced the printout to the scanner. And printed one of the results on another bit of cartridge + newspaper I had.

Why do my inverted colour scans always come out blue and purple? Not that I’m complaining – I like blue and purple.




I scanned that version- and printed a grayscale version on – well, fill that bit in for yourselves…

I stopped there, you may be glad to hear – but that brought the tally to 59.





imageNo. 60 is a very different flower piece.

I’ve been taking Sharon Boggon’s on-line GIMP class at Joggles, although I'm a bit behind. This is the result of an early class – a photo of cone flowers, posterized, bits selected by colour, and the result printed on black paper painted with Inkaid. I’m very pleased with this, and I think it is very embroiderable.image

And no. 61 – a piece which is not of flowers, doesn't have much to do with summer, and is very heavily influenced by the work of Chris Kenny and an anonymous contributor to the somethink collective blog. This is a page from an old road atlas, folded into a book, with sections cut out. Anticlockwise from top left, from fully folded to fully opened. Yes, it does end up upside down!

I can see a lot of possibilities here, for stencils, for example, and abstract pieces. And cutting out the sections was quite a contemplative activity – until the craft knife became uncomfortable to hold.

Yesterday’s post caused a flurry amongst the Chinese porn spam comment merchants – maybe I shouldn’t have used the heading ‘Naughty Granny’?

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