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Dorothy Rowe

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Ophidiophobics, look away now.


although slow-worms aren't actually snakes, as I’m sure you know, but  lizards.

It passed by while we were sitting outside this afternoon, slowly enough for me to get my camera and chase off Quality Control, who was very interested.

imageIt has been such a nice day that I wore my sun hat, so I apologise in advance for any change in the weather. Somehow when the sun shines, and I have a clear afternoon, I feel the urge to sit outside and draw. This is a concertina book – 7 simple drawings and a title [to be added] – perhaps ‘leaves from my overgrown and snake infested garden’?

IMG_2285 I also made this, inspired by this. I have spurts of collecting security envelopes, as there is a wide variety of patterns and you can use them for book pages, but at the moment I don’t have many, so the choice was a bit boring. In fact I find the whole thing a bit boring.



IMG_2286 So I decided to try different found paper [sorry about the reflected flash – no idea why I got it in one but not the other]. These bits came from a Saga holiday brochure  -so there is a ‘summer’ connection! The result is more to my taste – I like those jazzy hands and arrows, punched from headings.




And finally – I ripped up some of the less successful collagraphs and monoprints and made a landscape. 

So I think I’ve reached 72 ‘drawings’ – must count them some time to check! What will I do when I reach 100? Keep going? Or collapse in a relieved heap? Only time will tell…

On a non-drawing related topic - I fished the hot water bottle books out from under my old Singer – but although their tendency to flip open has been curbed a bit, they are still a bit unruly – but fun.

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