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Friday 15 October 2010

I forced myself…

to do something in my sketchbooks today – plural because I have one for the 3D work and – foolishly – one for each of this semester’s Drawing Studies topics – still life, life drawing, architectural drawing, and landscapes. Most of the DS books had little or nothing in them,  which is what happens when you like making books more than drawing in them. [We haven’t done Landscapes yet, so I’ve got a good excuse for that one.image]

Mostly what I've done is stick in some photographs, like these which I took in Liverpool last summer.

So they went in the ‘Architectural Drawing’ book.





And this went in ‘Life Drawing’.

I had hoped to get round to a bit of real ‘drawing’ [in its widest possible interpretation of course] but didn’t manage it.



One reason was that I got sidetracked into going through old photos – and I mean old. For next week’s Drawing Studies class we are looking at the work of Neeta Madahar and Madame Yevonde, and making our own stitched version of a glamorous or mythological figure, using a family photo if we have a suitable one.Top-31

My family didn’t really do glamour - but I did recall an image of a mythological figure…

Do you think she will do?

I think I was probably about Babybel’s age when this was taken – see what I mean about ‘old’? And no, I didn’t have long ringlets, the curls – and everything else - were made out of crepe paper by my mother.


On a more serious note, the Sutton Hoo helmet/vessel/box has made a little progress. I put some of the miles of cord I made round it – but then it told me it needed more decoration on the flaps so I will do that tonight in front of the telly.

I decided that, as it forms quite a narrow cylinder, I wouldn't wrestle with putting a base on it, so it won’t be a box. But nor will I wrestle with trying to make the flaps  line up – so it won’t be a helmet.

I think it’s a thing.

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