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Dorothy Rowe

Thursday 14 October 2010

I’m definitely underwhelmed…

by my ‘architectural drawing’ piece. image The last time you saw it, it was a GIMP design in blue and green. Then it turned pink, and I thought it wanted to be made out of the Cas Holmes inspired Indian piece of fabric.

I added some more layers to part of it, and free motioned the butterfly on another bit.

But there isn’t really enough contrast for it to work, even after zapping all the sheers and applying Rub’n’Buff in vast quantities. I did flirt with the idea of adding beads and/or shisha, but it may not happen, as work seems to be piling up and it isn’t a topic that inspires me.IMG_3079

I like this a bit more. This was inspired by a willow and wire piece in Lois Walpole’s exhibition. Mine is in fabric and thread – and is a lot less elegant. Fun as a corsage perhaps, but not quite what I was aiming for.




However, I like these bits of silliness, part of the unidentifiable archaeological artefacts series. [Pretentious? Me?] The top one is a copy of a piece in Ruth Lee’s book, the others are all wrapping of one sort or another, round a stick, a stone and a hank of – er – cloth, plus a few feathers.




IMG_3091 And here they all are in their home. I may make a few more  smaller ones and remove the failed corsage, which doesn’t really go with the others.

I was also intending to finish the helmet/vessel today, but I’m going down with Babybel’s cold, and decided that in my current state of health things were bound to go wrong with anything fiddly.

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JP said...

it all looks really interesting