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Dorothy Rowe

Saturday 16 October 2010

I know what it is now.

The Sutton Hoo helmet/vessel/box/thing, that is.

IMG_3115It’s an Anglo-Saxon coffee cosy. Obviously the Anglo-Saxons loved their coffee so much they were buried with ceremonial coffee cosies.


The tree on top might be Yggdrasil -although I may be getting my cultural references confused.

[One of the advantages of using wire in the machine cord is that it stands up by itself, and you can make silly interesting shapes with it.]





I have now got the right sort of wire to put in the spool of my machine – at least, I hope it’s the right type, I haven’t tried it yet.





I have also made another [possibly final] unidentifiable archaeological artefact, with the ‘help’ of a book on Scoubidous. [Once I’d worked out that in the instructions, when it said ‘left’ it meant ‘right’ and when it said ‘pink’ it meant ‘green’ – and  translated those colours into the two types or coppery cord i was using …]


You may remember that I said that, although I was dissatisfied with the architectural drawing/butterfly piece, I wasn’t going to do another one.

I misspoke.


The fabric printing experiments fell out of a basket in the clutter I call a workroom, and this one said ‘Quilt me’. So I am.

So far, it’s looking good.


Still no drawing, though.

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Sandy said...

I Absolutely LOVE the ceremonial coffee cosy! and the tree on top totally makes it.
oh, please tell me where to do the archeology so I can find one for me. (will you do a sort of pattern/tutorial?)

I really love the directions you take sometimes. I sure hope the tutor does.
Sandy in Bracknell
word verification - insdeep...some relation to Helmsdeep?... thought connections to Tolkien's tree in the 'White City'?