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Dorothy Rowe

Monday 13 December 2010

More finishing!

Well, nearly.


This is done – all bar mounting it in my portfolio, as it is a Drawing Studies piece.

Notice the train on the left – it was amazing what a difference adding that little bit of couching made!



And this is also finished, bar the buttons. which will be added later tonight – glad to have finished it in time for Christmas. If the small cow fan it is intended for likes it, I may make another in the next size up, as it looks as though it will be a close fit – and it was quite quick to knit.

It is this pattern with added cow. I may put a pony on the bigger one – equines are fast catching up bovines in the popularity stakes. Her granddad and I both have bigger versions [without animals!] – elegant they are not but they are lovely and warm for dog and Babybel walking – and she is fascinated by the pockets on ours.

It has been quite a productive day as I have begun to sort out the Drawing Studies sketch books – making sure they have sketches in. They need to be handed in a week after Module 6, so I’ve got about a month to add contextualisation and evaluation. Might manage to fit W’s birthday bash [big one this year], Christmas, and the annual family journey on the buses in round it…

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