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Dorothy Rowe

Saturday 18 December 2010

You win some, you lose some…

Yesterday was going to be the day we went to the Discovery Centre to see their latest exhibition and buy some family Christmas cards, [Last minute? Me?] before going on to Brasserie Blanc for Wensleydale’s birthday lunch.

It had snowed a bit, but nothing to put off even the most trepid of pensioners [yes, he’s a pensioner now, too]. We used the park and ride because it gets you nearer to the action than the car parks – and we’d seen what the queues for the car parks were like when I took him down to the doctor’s on Saturday. [He was right, it is sciatica, soIMG_4251 he now has some horrendous pain killers and an X-ray].

But the Discovery Centre was closed ‘for maintenance’.

So we went and had our lunch early [very good it was too] and got home in time to wrap the presents [me] and put up the tree [him].

Not enough tinsel [Family joke.] [Must remember to move my coat of the newel post before the hordes family arrive tomorrow.]

I was due to go to the gym this morning, so I thought I’d go into the Discovery Centre to get the cards, before getting the bus home – the top end of Winchester being the closest I wanted to get to the shops on the last Saturday before Christmas. There was a little pressure as we are having a family do for the birthday boy tomorrow, when I can save money by hand-delivering the cards.IMG_4242-1

We woke up to this.

I fought my conscience for all of 10 seconds and decided I wasn’t going - which gave lots more time for getting ready for tomorrow, but left a dilemma about the cards.

So after we’d cooked and cleaned I played around with some old photos and flauntr, which is not the most user-friendly of the free photo editing programs, but has a wide range of effects, frames etc.

After a lot of muttering from the mad woman in the corner, as she tried to work out how to get her nice new Epson printer to print a card, rather than a picture in the middle of a piece of card, I made some Christmas cards for the family. Babybel plays a starring role, you may be surprised to hear.


And one, dear readers, for you. A photo from last January as it happens, not this December.






And then the sun went down looking like this.

Which I suspect means it’s going to get very very cold…

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JP said...

staying in on a day like today was very sensible - hope the birthday bash went well