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Dorothy Rowe

Wednesday 29 December 2010

Ta da!


Essay written and printeda

PowerPoint completed a

PowerPoint notes printeda

Handouts printed a

Visual tactile aids made a

Personal Journal completed and printeda

And in addition I've wrestled this semester’s drawings into my portfolio – well, most of them. Fighting A1 paper into an A1 portfolio on the only space big enough [the spare room bed] made my back ache.

Now I need a drink.

The tactile aids are an example of French Knitting, which MacMurray used on two of her early pieces, [here, and here] and a sample of balloons pulled through rug underlay, which I think is  how she constructed these dresses. Not strictly necessary but I made the balloon bit a while ago, so as I’m into recycling…

I did try doing the French Knitting with string, which seemed closer to the rope MacMurray used, but after I’d bent the knitting needle I was using to pull the string over the pegs, I reverted to wool.

Since then I’ve made the mistake of looking at the marking criteria for Drawing Studies – and my heart sank. I’ve got the drawings, I’ve collated lots of images of relevant art from various places – but now I need to write something about some of them, as well as the ever-present evaluation. I’m not worried about the writing, just the time – I’d hoped to get DS out of the way today and make a real start on the real 3D imagepiece.

I was thinking of a chest of drawers full of ‘everyday treasures’ – maybe it will just be a drawer – possibly with dividers?

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