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Monday 25 January 2010

I’ve been procrastinating …

ever since Wednesday, about the work for Drawing Studies which we missed because of the snow. Partly through fear, partly because it involved working with big pieces of paper – A1 and A2. Working with paper that size means working in the conservatory - and the conservatory is unheated.

However I had told myself very firmly that I would do it on yesterday – and the fates looked kindly upon me because the sun shone, and the temperature in there rose to 22  degrees C, which is warmer than the house.IMG_0371

So I did this - writing on A1 with all my fingers dipped into ink.






I wore a disposable glove.

Despite which …

And that is after washing it.



IMG_0355 Then we had to select an area, and reproduce it five times on newspaper. I wasn’t sure whether we were meant to make 5 versions of the same area, or five different areas, but I chose the former, using different methods of mark making.




drawing studies4

I’m afraid I cheated a bit on the black paint – the ones on the left are gesso and a candle, over-painted with black. I really like the candle one – you get glimpses of the colour in the newspaper where it resisted the paint. IMG_0366

And I put a coat of emulsion on this gentleman. Mmm – I think I may have the beginnings of a nativity scene …





I have only done about half of what I need to do for Drawing Studies and, of course, today has been vey cold. Sun is forecast for tomorrow, though, so keep your fingers crossed …

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