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Dorothy Rowe

Friday 22 January 2010

Now what?


With this?








Which used to look like this. [I’ve realised what they remind me of – the rather nice choccy biccies they give you with an Americano in Costa coffee in Haskins  - and possibly other Costas as well.]

I know I said I was going to add beads, but when I tried, they didn’t look right. I then struggled to get a thread through the tubes by dangling a needle down and hoping it would drop through. [It didn’t.]

Then I remembered my rouleaux turner – which worked perfectly. Doh.

So I assembled the tubes, and made a tassel and hanging loop, and held it up – and realised it looked a bit empty. The obvious thing is another pearl tassel – but I’ve run out of pearls.

Current ideas are:

  1. a different, bigger tassel – perhaps in wool, for a contrast of texture.
  2. another smaller diamond shape in a contrasting material , yet to be decided [i.e. I don’t have a clue what.]
  3. something like these – or is that a cliché?

Anybody got any better ones?

And that was all I managed, despite having almost a full day to play – or so I thought. By the time I'd been shopping and done some cooking, there wasn’t much time left.

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Cobi said...



couldn't you let something hang inside the shape? I've copied the above links for you because I like how they used cutlery, esp. the fork with the curled up prongs. just an idea.