'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Wednesday 7 April 2010

Got to admit it’s getting better …

I don’t cough so much, I have the beginnings of a voice, and today I ate a toasted hot Cross bun – definitely food with edges!

Not sure what happened to the first week of April, though …

Obviously while I was out of it somebody called an election.  What I stupidly hadn’t realised, until I looked at the heap of Party Political hogwash which the postman brought us this morning, was that we live in a key Tory target constituency – i.e. there’s a chance they could gain a seat  here. So they are going to try very very hard.

I must confess that I am a card carrying member of one of the three major British political parties. Not that I think ‘my’ party is that much better than the others, – or that they have a cat in hell’s chance of ever forming a government – [there's a give away] but they do share my values far more than either of the others.

Being a party member normally lets you off a lot of the hoohah – your own party doesn’t bother [apart from making sure you get out and vote], and the opposition doesn’t waste it’s time. But with talk of a hung parliament, I suspect that this time the Tories won’t let us off so easily.image

At the moment they are determinedly trying to persuade us that George Osborne [centre] will be a responsible Chancellor – someone who doesn't look old enough to be responsible for his own pocket money.

As opposed to Vince Cable [right]– the only major UK politician to see the financial crisis coming – and who, according to an old survey in the Times, is trusted more by Tory voters than GO.

And in the interests of balance – on the left, in fact if not in politics – some other feller.

Here endeth today’s party political broadcast – and I promise to try to avoid making any more.

In fact I may just go back to bed till it’s all over.


Sandy said...

I think you ARE still ill. I am sure you would have normally spent all that time thinking about thread and fabric or some such! LOL

Hope you get back into the right side of your brain soon. Big huge grin!
Sandy in Bracknell

JP said...

you must be feeling better if you are up to politics!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kitty said...

"In fact I may just go back to bed till it’s all over." that is a good idea worth following up. Living in the neighbouring tory target seat means we have a forest of pamphlets to wade through and the idea just makes me feel weak. Hope you are feeling better now and back in your studio enjoying life.