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Tuesday 27 April 2010

I’ve been sidetracked …

after coming across this tutorial for little felt purses. I have felt, I have zips, I have nothing better to do.*

* Not strictly true.

IMG_0754 So this is my first one – slightly modified from Julie's original, because my felt was quite thin so I lined it – which made it quite stiff and difficult to turn out - so I gave it external seams. Oh, and I worked the appliqué before I made up the purse.IMG_0757

Then my eye fell on Diana Lampe’s ‘More Embroidered Garden Flowers’ which has been sitting on my bookshelf for – er – quite a long time. Which led to this [unfinished] version.


Of course I don’t do representational embroidery, or flowers …

[Looks like Lampe’s book has been reissued, combined with her first book, under another name  although believe me I didn’t pay that much for it … ]



This is the third one under way. I have three more zips of a suitable size with felt to match – and then my inherited zip stash will be reduced to long zips for dressmaking  which I don’t do. Which I definitely don’t do, unlike embroidered flowers.

Now purse making may seem like procrastination, given that I have a 2D piece to make – but it isn’t really. Honest.

My rationalisation is that:

  1. I am waiting for the bits of textiles from Babybel and her mum and dad and can’t make my final design decisions until I get them – and
  2. tomorrow’s session is another ‘independent work and tutorials’ day and the things I can do to the 2Dpiece will fill the time while I wait for my tutorial.

But truthfully – it was lovely to sit in the conservatory, enjoying the sunshine and the view of the garden, and doing something just for fun!

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