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Dorothy Rowe

Sunday 18 July 2010

I thought I’d got up to 30 …



but I deconstructed this one this morning. After browsing Maggie Grey’s ‘From Image to Stitch’ I decided stitch was what it needed. And a more interesting substrate. So I have painted some black paper with Inkaid, and will have another go on Tuesday. The plan at the moment is to print out the poem on the Inkaided paper, Bondaweb it to felt, cut it up, and sew it together again.

Despite that setback, having browsed Dorothy Simpson Krause’s ‘Book + Art’, [strongly recommended] as well as Maggie Grey, I got a bit adventurous today and as a result  I have managed to get up to 33 ‘drawings’.


This is the new number 30. Aided by a £5 WH Smith’s voucher, I bought myself some Conte crayons on Saturday, and tried them out on a Pollocked page in homework book no. 1.



IMG_1970-1Number 31 is one of my photos from ‘Another Place’, transferred to a yellowish page in the homework book, using Colourcraft’s inkjet transfer medium. I’d never used it before, so it was a bit of an experiment, but I’m quite pleased with the result. As with all such things in my hands, the results are a bit hit and miss, but I think this makes for quite an atmospheric image. Is it a drawing? Not sure, but I think I am going to work into it with something – just not sure what, yet!



No. 32 may not be a drawing either. An image of an oil slick [not mine, I must confess], altered in Picnik, with the addition of some relevant lyrics!



100 drawings14

No. 33 definitely includes drawing. It started life as a screen-print on card, but then got coloured with spray paints, cut up, drawn on with gel pens and Inktense pencils, and turned into a book. I believe this is called an ‘ox plough’ book because it mimics the path of a plough going from one side of a field to the other.

The top image is the correct colour – for some reason in the bottom two my camera decided that our table was blue [it’s green] and changed the other colours as well …

Wensleydale pointed out that the real colours are autumnal – so I added the chorus from ‘September Song’ [one of my all time favourites] round the edge, and it’s gone at the back of homework book no. 1. All summers must come to an end…

Busy day tomorrow as we are Babybel minding again, but I hope to get back to work on Tuesday. Off to watch TDF now!

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