'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Saturday 31 July 2010

It’s amazing how much you can achieve …


  1. you get up at silly o’clock to take the patient to hospital
  2. you spend the rest of the day keeping busy to try to stop yourself worrying.

Now the patient is home, bandaged up, looking a little worn, and dozing on the sofa, and we are looking forward to a couple of days doing as little as possible.


Most of my keeping busy activity was putting ‘here’s one I made earlier’ in the homework books – not much new creativity has occurred, apart from these two – and even they are assembled from previously prepared parts. The one on the left is a simple pamphlet in an recycled Amazon mailer [thanks, Mrs Cheddar]. The one on the right is made from some of my paste papers, using a technique I described in one of my early posts.

The version I showed there was wonky because the paper I used was too big and too lightweight. I’ve been meaning to get back to the technique ever since.

After I made that first attempt, some kind person pointed me in the direction of Alisa Golden’s ‘Creating Handmade Books’ which gives better instructions than mine, so I used those. Result – a smaller, stiffer book.

Of course, neither of these count towards the 100 drawings, although I may do something in the paste paper book.image

These are being counted as drawings and have been added to the homework books. One made [rather a long time ago]using sprayed Brusho and feathers as masks, and a screen print. Both probably need a bit more work, which they may get.





And these two, which I’d put on hold while I pondered on the ‘what is drawing?’ question, and because I thought they needed more work - which they will definitely not get.



This afternoon, when I knew Wensleydale’s op had been delayed, and I was feeling really stressed, I wrecked a photo. One of my images from ‘Another Place’, sanded and scratched, painted with black Koh-i-noor, wiped, which took a lot of the original off, and painted again with Pearl-ex. I like this a lot. Probably shows how I felt at the time!


The inverted scan looks even better.

Last night, when I was feeling creative, I printed some things on newspaper I'd painted with Inkaid – and I think this would look good like that too. Tell you more about that tomorrow.


After pondering about whether drawings were always 2D, I came across the work of Chris Kenny. Definitely 3D – but it’s hard not to describe some of them as ‘drawings’ – like this one. And very inspirational!

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