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Dorothy Rowe

Friday 17 September 2010

Getting down to glueing.



As a penance for ducking out of going to the gym [bad Cheshire!] I made myself get on with the Cas Holmes/India inspired piece.

In the end I didn’t do any painting, but there was a lot of glue.

The top image in the collage is the first layer, which is paper glued to the hand-dyed, failed-image-transferred fabric. I used some of the paper I stamped earlier, plus some Indian paper. [Note to self: the stitching on Indian paper is chain stitch and comes undone very easily when you are trying to tear the edges.]

The middle picture is after the second layer of bits of fabric from the scrap box [I think I am finally getting to the end of the samples from my C&G gold work cushions.] There are also some of those Indian ‘jewels’ from Glitterati’s mixed goodies packs, which I never know what to do with. Not sure if they’ll stay stuck but they are covered by the final [?] layer of sheers, as seen – or not – in the bottom picture.

The sheers went transparent when I glued them, so it probably doesn’t look any different from the previous one, apart from  the glitter. I bought some Early Learning Centre glitter glue for Babybel but it was rather too gloopy for her use. It’s probably too gloopy for her gran’s use as well, but I dribbled some on and brushed it out – and it looks quite good.

This was destined to be cut up and turned into book pages but Wensleydale doesn’t want me to do that with it – have to see what it looks like when it all dries, about a week next Sunday, after all the glue I put on.

I had a moment of panic this morning when I couldn’t find the bit of paper I thought I had telling me what I needed for the first day of college next Wednesday - [getting ready for college being procrastination about starting the glueing, you understand.]

But then I got an e-mail from college, so I decided I hadn’t lost it after all.

Got most of the stuff but the sewing machine is in for service, nor do I have any ‘Ideas for 3D piece … e.g. shells, fruit etc.’  I guess it will be shells, then.

We are also instructed to bring our 100 drawings for handing in. No one said anything about handing them in!!! In that case I want to add an explanation of my agonising over ‘what is a drawing’ – so I’m procrastinating over that by writing this …

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