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Monday 20 September 2010

More glue and glitter.

More Cas Holmes inspired work this afternoon, although it was a bit more muted than the Indian piece – at least to begin with.


This was the first layer – a piece of calico which some time ago, I folded and stood in a cat tray of left-over coffee – as you do. I thought I would get a narrow stripe of coffee along the folds.

As you can see, it didn’t quite work out that way.





Then some  paper – brown, tissue and pattern tissue. [Cliché, I know.]

Yes, it does say ‘shoulder pad cover’ at the bottom. You can tell why that particular pattern was ready to be recycled.



Then a fabric layer – cream scraps and some of the inherited, nasty, poor quality, Broderie Anglaise edging of which I have several miles – well, about 7 yards before today.

Other people inherit antiques, money, property – I inherited textiles. And not silk, either.

sept 20106



A bit of bling – chocolate foil and glitter glue. [Come on, Green & Blacks, make recycling easier – make your foil easier to remove from its backing paper!]

The rather nice swirly design came from an old blouse.



And a final layer of  coffee dyed polyester sheer – scrumpled and dunked in coffee this time, again some time ago.



The result is far more atmospheric than I had any right to expect, given my ad hoc approach to design. I think it speaks for the strength of Holmes’ technique that I’ve ended up with two very usable pieces of fabric.

One problem though. IMG_2613

Although it didn’t seem to affect the coffee in the the calico, the paste did begin to dissolve the coffee in the sheer – and the combination oozed out.

Coffee flavoured wallpaper paste – nice.

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