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Dorothy Rowe

Wednesday 15 September 2010

If in doubt – make a book.

I had planned on doing some more on my India/Cas Holmes inspired piece – print on some more fabric, glue things together, that sort of thing – but I have to be in the right mood to slosh paint and glue about – and I wasn’t.

So, I made a book, inspired by this, on Jim Escalante’s site, [where I also found the instructions for this].

You may have noticed that the accordion book is made of hand made paper, laminated together, while still wet, with ribbon hinges.

I didn’t have any pulp, and I didn’t feel like making any – paper making being up there with painting and glueing in the list of things I didn’t feel like doing.sept 20104

I did have Colour Catchers.  [Surprised?] And Bondaweb, and knitting ribbon. So this is my version.

Looking again at Escalante’s site I realise that Jean Funcke, who made the original, had 4 ribbons, but no ties. My ties don’t work terribly well, but I like look and feel of the result. It just needs a bit of embroidery…



After that I decided to do a bit of colouring in – though I definitely went over the lines

Copying - being inspired by A., I joined Carla Sonheim’s on-line class ‘The Art of Silliness’. After all that stress over ‘what is a drawing?’ I felt the need of a bit of silliness.

The test piece was this, to which we had to add a story.

A’s story was about cooking,  mine about mental illness. Does that say something about each of us?

‘But it looks like paint’, I hear you cry. Well – it was water-soluble crayon – and I did take a wet paintbrush to it, at the end. So maybe I felt like painting after all.

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Kitty said...

I used water soluble crayon too! Just didn't get round to applying water (that and I couldn't find my pencils). So glad you could join in the silliness!