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Dorothy Rowe

Sunday 19 September 2010

Shopping and – er – shopping.

Today we went to the Stitch and Creative Crafts show at Sandown – free, courtesy of a kind person who had won tickets and couldn’t use them, so passed them on to me.

I know from past experience that there is relatively little stitch in the Stitch and Creative Crafts show, apart from cross stitch, and this year there didn’t seem to be much of that. However there did seem to be more knitting yarn than previously.IMG_2596

So, having walked half way round resolutely saying that I didn’t need any more knitting yarn …

Who could resist? – despite looking blue in the photo, it is purple, which, I have on very good authority, is Babybel’s favourite colour.

Er – no, it’s not for Babybel. [Purple is her gran’s favourite colour as well.]



For some reason, this side of the lovely packaging reflected the flash more, but you can just about see the pattern – although it is unlikely I’ll be wearing it with a skirt quite that short.

Some other yarns from the same pleasant lady here.





Of course that wasn’t all I bought. The one thing you can get at S&CC is stuff for paper crafts, and although I don’t do things like card making or scrapbooking, I do like some of the goodies that go with them. Like this lot. [Plus a pompom maker]. Those paints were all very cheap, which is why there are so many of them.


IMG_2589 And of course, some books – plus a tip on a good pub near Skipton from the man from Yorkshire Books. [Devonshire Arms in Cracoe, if you're interested.]

I haven’t had a chance to look at the Mixed Media one properly yet, but the Ruth Lee one is great – especially when college work this term is centred on 3D pieces.

So tonight I shall snuggle down with my new books, my [old, but nearly finished] knitting, and my cold…

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