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Dorothy Rowe

Wednesday 1 September 2010

Testing, testing…



First – the collagraph plates,







extensively tested,




quite successfully, I think, if you like imperfect prints. Fortunately I do.

For the ones on fabric, I used [and recommend] Heidi Miracle-McMahill’s method from Quilting Arts No 41- although any imperfections are entirely my own. I used foam brushes to paint different sections in different colours, but found it quite difficult to get the amount of paint right – not so little it dried out before I could make the print, not so much it made blobs – and not so much water I lost the texture.  But several of then have possibilities for stitch, and inclusion in the ranks of the 100 drawings.

So I’m still in love with collagraphs.

I also decided it was imagetime to test the various chemicals I’ve bought to facilitate printing on fabric. Most some of which I’ve had for years  a very long time, without using. 

Here the fabrics are drying – I haven’t actually got round to printing on any of them yet – but I did remember to mark them so I know which is which.


Of course, Quality Control had to join in. Here she is testing my box of old newspapers for me.

They seemed to need a lot of testing, she was hard at work all day…

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