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Thursday 17 March 2011

Ah – now I see…

We had a sort of mega-tutorial at College yesterday, so now  I understand what I am supposed to be doing for Module 9, the Research Project. I had seen it as a formal academic writing exercise – which was why the apparent lack of any parameters was so scary. However, rather than an essay, what we have to do [I think] is collect visual references, and written information and evaluation about our research topic – a sort of annotated scrapbook.

My topic? Artists’ books.

Bet you’re surprised.

So I've collected my books on books in a heap by my bed, ordered some more from ABE books and Allibris, and begun to do some Googling. This could be fun.

If anyone has any suggestions for good books on artists’ books, or any artists whose work you think I should look at, please let me know…

While at college I almost finished my triptych - all bar glueing it together, because I’d forgotten the glue. I didn’t get started on the book of manipulated images as I decided I wanted to do a Coptic binding and realised that I didn’t have any suitable card for covers with me. Finishing both is now slotted into the planning [a part of my new organised regime!] for Saturday afternoon. Evidence of planning and organisation is one of the marking criteria, so I have invented planning record sheets and started to fill them out. Wonder how long that will last.

And of course I have to make a book to keep all the research in – I could hardly chose a topic like artists’ books and use a manufactured one, could I? [Although of course an artist’s book could be made in a manufactured one – one of the points I need to mention when distinguishing between hand made books and artists’ books. Right after I’ve defined ‘a book’…]

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indigocarole said...

Celia, I imagine you will be inundated with links, or already have them. Just in case, my first one would be The Bonefolder magazine, free to download.
Second, a video on a book artist.
Third a book binder who's work I like. This is an older post from her blog.

She writes well and makes lovely books. I'm off to investigate Armenian binding! If you need any more let me know. Can you tell I have lots of links and photos of my own handmade books.