'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Tuesday 15 March 2011

Proof positive


that spring has sprung. Only a bit of blossom so far, but the promise of a lot more, despite the attentions of a pair of bullfinches.







In case you need more proof – here is Babybel having a lovely time in the sunshine on my birthday – as did her Gran,


and some more spring flowers on our dog/duck walk on Monday.







Not all the birds we saw were ducks -

we saw Little -






and Large, as well. He has to be the biggest swan I have ever seen, and much more willing to come close than most of the swans on the lake. [Why am I suddenly thinking about Adam Cooper?] [That link is for Mrs Cheddar to enjoy.]

Despite all this excitement I managed to print out just a few [?] of the photos for tomorrow’s college work, and sorted out all [?] of the other things I need.

The design of the triptych, which is the real point of the exercise, didn’t take long once I’d remembered this poem, which has lots of visual imagery. We didn’t have to use a poem, but I love this one, which seemed perfect for the theme of ‘past, present, future’. Paint some lining paper, add the poem, print off a few sepiaised photos of past and present Cheshire [editing out the more embarrassing ones] and I’m done.

The design of the book of photos, which is just an add-on to encourage us to play around with our images, has, of course, taken a lot longer. I still can’t decide what binding to use. Codex – which I’ve never done? Coptic? The one I call slit and slot? I had lots of other ideas, but decided to keep it simple with one of those three, which have the advantage that you can go on adding pages to them until you’ve run out of paper/time/ideas.

We also crammed in a visit to this [OK, but a bit lacklustre – the most interesting things were a pub loo door and Willie Whitelaw’s graffitied desk] and a second birthday celebration next door.

My old principal used to say that a busy student was a happy student – I think she may have been right …

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