'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Sunday 3 April 2011

I found them!

The lost prints of my manipulated photos, that is. They were in the drawer where I keep the collaged paper ready to be printed on. [I also found my new bus pass, the absence of which meant I had to pay for the bus yesterday. Not in the drawer this time, but in a safe place…] But I digress.image









got ‘Pink Powdered’ in PostworkShop, then printed on Lutradur, and ended up like this.

Not very exciting. I'm tempted to take my soldering iron to it.





This is the same image ‘Collaged’ in PWP. Printing it on collaged paper did nothing for it, as the colours are so strong you can’t see the paper. Drawing on it with a black marker didn’t improve things much





– but the negative scan is more interesting. The white marks are the black marker – if you see what I mean.













met the ‘In the Dark’ filter in PWP and went all moody.







Printing it on newspaper made it even moodier – colour scan at the top, greyscale in the middle, inverted colours at the bottom. Who would think a photo of litter would turn out so well?









And Wensleydale like this one so much, after I’d printed it on newspaper, he took it away and put it in a frame.  This is the Sketchy Marker filter in PWP,




applied to this.







Unfortunately for a newly created litter-photographing fanatic, when we went to the seaside yesterday to celebrate Babybel's mummy’s birthday late [Happy Birthday L!] and Mother’s Day early [Happy Mother’s Day all mothers] – there was no litter to be seen. [Well done, whoever clears up the litter in Barton-on-Seimagea.]

There were other things to photograph though. 

Someone who had an inadvertent swim and had to be changed and wrapped in her daddy’s sweater to get warm.

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