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Dorothy Rowe

Tuesday 1 March 2011

What a difference …

a good night’s sleep makes! [Plus having a day at home and not too many chores.]IMG_4686

I did a little collaging – Quality Control and friends [she is, of course, the one who’s out of step],







and a little kirigami. These aren’t from my calendar, which is a bit neglected at the moment, they are all my own work. This is actually a pocket in the collage sketchbook, hence the diagonal line.



Then, inspired by this post, I took this, which had been hanging around for years – possibly decades – and tried to make it a bit more interesting.

[Mmm – just Googled CPC and out of dozens of possible sources, my money’s on the electronics firm, which would mean it used to belong to Cheese Major. Unless it was one of the many government initiatives which came, went and sank without trace during the years Wensleydale and I worked in education.]


But I digress. Unlike Hanna’s original, I started with the cover. A bit of fossicking turned up an experimental piece from the summer - painted iron-on interfacing ironed-on to some rather bright hand-dye. The ends are different because the interfacing was smaller than the hand-dye.

So I free machined it, going round the shapes in the paint in whatever colour took my fancy. [I’ve decided the only way I’m going to gain confidence in FME is by just doing it, in situations where I don't much care what it ends up like!]





Hanna added end papers to her planner, and I was going to do the same till I found this – a bit of paper bag printing on poly satin, bonded to more hand-dye and embroidered. I never knew quite what to do with it, so it went in the front of the binder, with an offcut of the outer cover at the back – end textiles. I stuck them down with double sided tape, but the cover is sewn, with pockets to slip over the covers.


I wasn’t sure about the painted interfacing when I first did it, but today, every time I pressed it, it got softer and more like a rather bizarrely coloured suede. Nice.

Then I tackled the inside. The binder is an odd size, just too small to take A4 paper, so everything had to be cut down to fit.




These are the dividers, made from an old calendar. I’m not usually a flowery calendar person, but this one was free…

I added some lined paper, cutting down some with two punched holes which won’t go into the four ring binder I take to college.

Now I need to decide what to do with it. Hanna made hers as a planner, and heaven knows I could do with one of those, but I can’t find any printable planner pages on the net that make any sense to me at all.  Maybe I’ll have to wake up my dormant form-constructing skills, and see what I can make for myself.

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Sandy said...

What size is it Celia,
I have an old planner/organiser - unused - but I never used the planner parts when I was using them anyway. I was just thinking about replacing the all the diary projects, expenses and all with lined paper.

on the side, there are 3 small holes at top and 3 at bottom.
tell me if you are interested.
snsnowden at harmonyinformation dot com